From the beginning to the end, by the Directors in Person

The best teammates and the directors, who are the jewels of 212, will take perfect care of each project from the beginning to the end. The director does not only wait for the customer’s choice by handing designers’ work to the customer, but the one will take care and responsibility of the project as of the very start of the contract.

Diversity, the Motive Power of Idea Convergence

Our design does not cover IT manufacturers only. We do not design containers only either. We design an excavator and we also design a lipstick. The trend in IT manufacturers may be applied to heavy equipment, and the style of a cosmetic may be adapted to electronic manufacturers. The diversity did not lean to one field is a strong motive power of idea convergence which will drive innovative concepts, and also it becomes the ability to offer a perfect solution whatever extraordinary project falls on our way.

Prompt Reaction and Kind After-sales Service

Customers put the best efforts on each product. For the best results until the end, we will react promptly with sincerely communicating with our customers to realize any issues or problems. Also, 212 will kindly be serving customers for the perfect manufacturers release even when the designing phase is completed.

Beyond Innovation to Invention

212 will not be needed if it was for a design that only follows the trend and puts up with styling. Our principle is to find a new structure and a new way by fully analyzing the project. We aim at new and innovative reinterpretation of the product and respective design concepts, which at times, will allow even the application of a functional patent.

28 Years of Experience, and ‘Sincerity’

Diverse and also profound know-how developed for 28 years, under the name of 212, secures innovative concepts and ideal product that will design our customers’ future. Furthermore, we have perceived that the most precious value is ‘Sincerity’, and we promise to apply it for every design made by us.

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