Design of Capital Goods

The most important point to consider when designing industrial equipment and capital goods are produced. A clear understanding of materials and manufacturing processes should be given priority since it is produced through sheet metal welding without using molds…

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While maintaining a four square top position and increasing overseas exports rapidly, KEYANG ELECTRIC MACHINERY Co., Ltd is an enterprise with substantiality of leading technologies and marketability in power tools industry.

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It was March 2007 when KOREA YAKULT Co., Ltd. proposed its request regarding the container of a new yogurt product. A sheet of design plan was produced but there was no further request until June when they rushed back to us.



The car navigation system, ‘Finedrive style’ is targeted to the desire to differentiate with the traditional box style, creation of outstanding style of car interior, and the attractive navigation system to be recognized through the window from outside.



The Excavator ‘ZEPION (DX300LC)’ of DOOSAN INFRACORE Co., Ltd. is a cutting-edge next generation model which accumulated the developing technologies of an excavator. It is environmentally friendly, and also human-oriented for the purpose of realizing…



The reasons why SK wanted to change the design of motor oil container included its production is very costly as it consumed too many raw materials compared to other competitions and also because of the high defect rate.



SEMES Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Samsung Group, is the largest semiconductor and LCD equipment company in Korea. For the strategy of reducing the reliance on domestic demand and increasing exports, the company has started to improve…



We have attempted to graft our traditional image on the modern design for a long time. This study and attempt were applied to the stylish items like bottles or containers rather than technical products.

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Cosmetic Bottles (Laneige)


LANEIGE first came out in 1994 and had become the representative brand of Korean cosmetic industry with 6 consecutive years of sales over 1,000 billion won since 1996 and 7 years of being in the lead without giving up the premier place. However, by the year 2000…



Samsung Group has awarded in eight fields to the domestic and foreign figures made remarkable achievements in the year. They hoped the trophies would have the supreme dignity as much as the meanings of the prizes…

Water Filter (Compac)-1


It was a proud thing, as a design company, to have a relationship with a newborn company which has now grown to be the top in Korea. Woongjin Coway was established in the late 1980s. They started to sell household water filters supplied by a small…



Dukin is Korea’s leading manufacturer of CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), a 3D measuring device. As the company developed new designs, its expertise has increased substantially and the company saw an enterprise-wide upgrade in the design…

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Designed by 212 Company, Inc., ‘TEXTINNO’, the drying and heat setting stenter of EHWHA GLOTECH, conveys the image of a reliable textile processing machine and the image of an eco-friendly system with its beige colored body which is simple…

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Soybean Paste Container


This soybean paste container design is of quality with its motive coming from the Korean tradition. The scale and the color were differentiated from existing soybean paste containers and the sense of Korean pottery had been brought up to the top…



This system named ‘Cyber Shock’ is a seven-seater Visual Reality Simulator Capsule. The passengers can experience as if they were operating a space flight according to the program of future travel theme in 2070 in the cabin. The design concept is the head unit…



In the early 90s, Samsung Heavy Industries had produced and sold the Clark models of USA using the name of ‘Samsung Clark’, but they had to separate from the Clark, and they needed a new design to export with their own models and to have competitive power…

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Pager (4)-1


In 1992, the International Paging Products Division of Motorola (located in Boynton Beach in USA) visited design companies of major Asian countries, including Japan, to revitalize the Asian market. In Korea, they selected our company after going through…

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EXPO ’93

The meeting with the Taejon EXPO ’93 provided us a momentum for the transportation design. It took one and a half years from the first sketch to the assembling of the final working prototype model. With this project, we performed the design and production of…

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